Stop losing your insights

Nothing is more valuable than knowledge and though it is abundant online, it's just too much! Trickle is a single place to easily capture and connect your most valuable knowledge from the web.

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Capture valuable knowledge from the web

Add articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, newsletters, etc. to your private My Trickle feed. With a single click from any device you can make sure to not ever lose that source, expert or insight again.

Connect your knowledge

In Trickle you can connect new knowledge with what you already know. Forget folders and use the same method as your brain.


Remember insights
in your own words

Write down your insights in the form of drips. Short articles connected to the sources or experts that inspired you. Drip by drip you’ll accumulate your most valuable knowledge in Trickle.

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Recall what you knew
when you need it most

Searching Trickle for keywords is like having your own superhuman memory. By following your connections you’ll effortlessly remember what you knew in the past but forgot over time.

Build a personal
web of knowledge

In Trickle you accumulate knowledge digitally. With each source, export or drip you build your own knowledge graph and compound your insights over time.

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Accumulate insights instead of losing them.

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