Collecting Sources with Trickle

Achim Rothe
12 Nov 2019

We’re launching a new feature on Trickle that gives you the power to create your own streams and add sources to them. Here’s why we’re excited about this feature: 

Lifelong learners rarely rely on a single source of information. We know that you’re probably reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos all over the internet. Some of us have developed a system for collecting and organizing these sources, for example using browser bookmarks or saving whole articles to Evernote. But let’s be honest, these methods are not optimized for learning. 

We want Trickle to be the place where people can collect sources and organize their learning into streams and share what they’ve learned with other people. Let’s say you were obsessed with a topic like Minimalism or 17th Century Piracy. Create a stream to cover that topic and start saving sources to it. Over time you will build up a collection o great material, inspiration, learnings, quotes, images, etc. Add comments and share your stream with others. 

This is the first step in creating a full suite of authoring tools that will include creating drips and publishing streams for other users to read. 

We hope you’re excited about this as we are. Try it out now.

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