Easily add a source to Trickle from an iPhone using the Shortcuts app

Achim Rothe
02 Jun 2020

When using an iOS device like iPhone or iPad there is a powerful tool that allows you to add a URL form any app to your Trickle account by tapping the sharing icon. This is the Shortcuts app which is installed by default on iPhones running iOS 13 or higher. Shortcuts are a way to automate multi-step tasks on an iPhone. You can choose from a useful set of pre-defined shortcuts from the Gallery or create your own.

There are two ways to create an Add to Trickle shortcut on your iOS device:

1. Recommended Option: Create the shortcut step-by-step in the Shortcuts app

To create a shortcut, you need to define a set of actions that the software performs when you run the shortcut. The advantage of this method is that you can develop a better understanding of the Shortcuts app and learn to create your own custom shortcuts.

Follow this link for the full set of step-by-step instructions with screenshots:

Add to Trickle – step by step instructions for how to create the iOS shortcut

2. Advanced Option: Import Add to Trickle shortcut template

Importing the shortcut via a template is quick and avoids going through all the steps yourself. But due to Apple’s strict security standards, importing shortcut templates from the web into the Shortcuts app requires some steps that can seem intimidating, such as allowing “untrusted” sources and entering your PIN. So this option is only recommended for advanced users who are comfortable with the Shortcuts app and the iOS platform.

Here’s a link to the instructions:

Add to Trickle – import shortcut via template

For further reference regarding Shortcuts, here is the Apple support page for the shortcuts app.

If you are using a different device — like a PC, Mac, or Android phone — you won’t be able to use the iOS Shortcuts app. But there are other ways to automate the process of adding links to Trickle. On Android you’ll have to use an app like Tasker to create a shortcut. On a PC or Mac, you can add a bookmarklet to your browser that makes it easier to send the currently displayed website from any browser to your Trickle sources. We’ll be adding separate posts about these options soon.

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