Reminders help you cultivate a learning habit

Achim Rothe
27 Nov 2019

A surprising amount of human behavior is automatic, meaning that we don’t think consciously about why we are doing it. Used in the right way, such habits can be powerful tools to achieve our long term goals. Trickle aspires to be your hub for self-directed learning and it works best if you develop a learning habit. That means coming back to regularly to learn new things and allowing significant pools of knowledge to develop over time.

When trying to develop a new habit it is essential to make use of cues. A cue is a reliable signal that can be used as triggers for the aspired new behavior. A cue can be a location, person, time of day, emotional state or something you already do reliably. Maybe you were feeling tired and went to brush your teeth. Or you needed a break and went to get a coffee.

Learning habits need cues too. Even with the best of intentions, it can be hard to remember to make time for learning, especially in the beginning. That’s why, we are introducing email reminders for Trickle.

Automatic emails have a bad reputation, rightfully so as we probably all struggle to manage our inboxes and our attention on a daily basis. But this is a feature that many of our testers have actually asked for. Because even with the best of intentions of starting a learning habit, it’s easy to forget. And in our current state of development, emails are the most reliable way to give you a cue when it’s time to come back to Trickle.

There are currently four types of email that you can receive from Trickle:

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