How to Share and Publish on Trickle

Phil Von Heydebreck
17 Jun 2020

Anyone can share and publish content on Trickle

Trickle is not just a tool for lifelong learners to discover great content, it is a community for sharing knowledge. We believe that everybody can become an expert in some domain and share their knowledge with others. We created Trickle to be a platform that allows lifelong learners to bring together their insights and research on a specific topic. Trickle users create content in streams. Streams often start out as simple repositories for knowledge, containing a set of curated links to compelling learning content — we call them sources. However, streams can evolve into well-marked paths that other learners can follow on their learning journey. Stream authors can create short, easily-digestible summaries we call drips and arrange them into logical sequences that guide other learners through a set of ideas and concepts. 

Drips are the foundation of Trickle. They are concise explanations of an idea or concept. Drips make it possible to easily fit learning into anyone’s busy schedule using the principle of microlearning. Anyone can effectively acquire knowledge by dedicating just a few minutes a day to learning. Drips break knowledge down into manageable packages. Each drip has an author-curated set of sources that provide opportunities to dive deeper into the topic and reinforce the newly-learned concept. 

Once you’ve understood the essential elements of Trickle you can begin to create your own streams and drips. You’ll see that by summarizing knowledge into the form of drips, you propel your understanding of a topic to a new level. Even if you create drips only for yourself, you’ll reap the benefits of improved understanding and retention of knowledge Even better, once the content exists, sharing is easy. 

This video explains how to create and share streams on Trikle

Several methods for sharing and publishing

There are several ways you can share your content with others on Trickle. The method you choose will depend on how widely you want to share. 

Sharing via invitation allows you to keep full control of who sees your content, while publishing makes your content available to a much broader audience. 

Note: As we refine the publishing features on Trickle, we currently require manual approval of your content. Add as a collaborator to your stream or send a link to your stream to that email address. We’ll have a quick look and get it published if it meets the criteria we set out below. Also, let us know if we should consider featuring it on the Discover page. This process will be automated soon.

Add to your stream to publish it.

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