How you can add sources to your Trickle account

Achim Rothe
30 Mar 2021

With Trickle, you can easily save and connect sources from around the web to build your personal knowledge library. Use Trickle to never forget a great source again!

These days we are all flooded with information from many different channels, like news sites, social media, newsletters, podcasts, etc. In there are frequently great articles, videos or websites which are actually relevant to you but it is hard to keep a hold of them and they are quickly buried in the noise soon to be forgotten.

Everything with a web address can be added to your personal Trickle account. Here’s how:

From now on this source is safe and secure in your My Trickle account.

When you are using Trickle for sources that stand out for you, you have the following benefits:

For more about the idea behind saving sources with Trickle you can watch my video about How to add sources to Trickle.

PS: you should consider using the Trickle bookmarklet or even creating an iOS Shortcut on your iPhone to make adding sources even simpler.

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What is Trickle?

Add anything to Trickle that has a home on the web. Keep it in a stream so you never lose that new insight.