New Streams on Sleep

Phil Von Heydebreck
12 Mar 2020

This week we’ve started publishing a series of streams focussed on sleep. As a result of new scientific insights and the work of tireless advocates, attitudes toward sleep are shifting. It’s becoming less common for people to brag about how little sleep they get. The association between sleep and idleness is being eroded through evidence that sleep is essential for maintaining cognitive function as well as physical and mental health.

Through a collaboration between several researchers and writers, we’ve curated the best content on sleep from around the web. The work encompasses several streams that cover a broad range of topics including:

Once we’ve got the content all available online, we’ll be putting it together into a collection, so it’s easier to access.

Here’s one of the images we created to illustrate some popular polyphasic sleep schedules (which we do not recommend trying, by the way):

Comparing popular polyphasic sleep schedules to consolidated monophasic sleep.

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