Publishing criteria for Trickle learning content

Phil Von Heydebreck
18 Jun 2020

Our mission at Trickle is to make lifelong learning effortless. That mission has a profound influence on the type of content we welcome on the platform. The primary purpose of any content on Trickle must be to enable learning. While that narrows down the range of content on Trickle a little, the potential scope remains immense. Collectively, lifelong learners have an immense range of interests. And there are many different ways to present information to facilitate learning. So authors have significant freedom in how they present their material. However, it should be clear that their intent is to explain ideas and concepts rather than to sell, advertise, or promote a product or service. 

Here’s what we think characterizes great learning content on Trickle:

We are building Trickle to be a platform where people can showcase their expertise and make a name for themselves. However, it’s important that authors disclose potential conflicts of interest. Readers should know, or example, if you are being paid to promote something or have a financial interest in its success. 

There are certain types of content we won’t tolerate on Trickle. Content that does any of the following will be removed. 

Please flag inappropriate or offensive content to

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