Trickle Featured on the eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek

Phil Von Heydebreck
15 Jan 2021

Trickle founders, Achim and Phil, were interviewed by Stephen Ladeck on the eLearning Podcast.

Launched in August 2020, the eLearning Podcast is an invaluable resource for eLearning professionals. Host Stephen Ladek interviews educators, entrepreneurs and eLearning professionals. Achim and Phil shared their thoughts about the vision and future of

Trickle is designed to help you share the content that interests you, get feedback on your creations, and even connect you with like-minded learners and creators, making the process of high-quality course creation all that much smoother.

— Stephen Ladek, LMS Pulse

Here’s a link to the Stephen Ladek’s LMS Pulse website, which highlights the eLearning podcast episode with Achim and Phil.

Get the episode on your podcast player by clicking here.

Or watch on YouTube — click the caption:

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