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Trickle is your app for lifelong learning. It will help you to develop a daily learning habit. This stream will walk you through its features step-by-step so you can get the most from Trickle. The first chapter provides a high-level overview of the most important features. The rest of the stream provides background information on Trickle and detail about each specific features. It can be used as a reference if ever you get stuck when using Trickle or need information on how to do something.

Trickle makes lifelong learning effortless

In a world of 24-hour news-cycles, endless entertainment, and social media, Trickle offers lifelong learning. It aims to help you satisfy your innate curiosity and acquire the knowledge and capabilities you need to achieve your goals. Across the globe, the pace of change is accelerating, industries are transforming and work is becoming more competitive. Lifelong learning is more important than ever.

Trickle helps you to keep up with progress while making learning something new easy, exciting and fun. Knowledge is the key to a better life and Trickle makes lifelong learning effortless. Click on Next drip to learn how.

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