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Trickle is a community of lifelong learners where you can discover curated insights and share your own knowledge

Trickle is a community of lifelong learners to discover and share knowledge

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What is Trickle?

Trickle is a community of lifelong learners where you can discover curated insights and share your own knowledge.


Lifelong learning is a powerful skill for improving life and making a better world

Chapter 1 Learning is essential to life


Learning of some sort is ubiquitous in people’s lives.
β€” Gert Biesta Share this expert GB Gert Biesta and others, Learning Lives Research Report

Learning is an essential part of life. We need to constantly learn to navigate social and work environments successfully. In a world characterized by rapid economic, technological and social change, the imperative of learning is only becoming more urgent.

The majority of people in Western countries consider themselves lifelong learners. Policymakers have embraced lifelong learning as a guiding principle for the transformation of education. The economic drivers have already caused many to recognize that education and training are necessary to ensure their continued employability. If futurists’ visions of a world infused with artificial intelligence and automation become a reality, then we can expect employment markets to become even more competitive.

To keep up with the world of 2050, you will need to do more than merely invent new ideas and products, but above all, reinvent yourself again and again.
β€” Yuval Noah Harari Share this expert YNH Yuval Noah Harari , Medium

Learning throughout life is critical, not only for economic reasons. Learning is a form of cognitive enhancement that can improve lives. The benefits of lifelong learning range from improving well-being to maintaining cognitive fitness in old age.

Flexibility through learning enables people of any age to adapt to challenges of economic upheaval, ill health, and ageing.
β€”The Royal Society, Neuroscience: implications for education and lifelong learning

Humanity is facing stubborn challenges such as rising inequality, conflict, populism, identity politics, intolerance, the erosion of human rights, climate change, and other environmental damage. We have the best chance of overcoming these challenges if every individual is given the learning opportunities that enable them to fulfill their creative potential.

Lifelong learning is our most powerful tool for achieving better lives and making a better world.

The mark of a lifelong learner is recognizing that you can learn something from everyone you meet. Knowledge is best sought from experts. Wisdom can come from anywhere.
β€” Adam Grant Share this expert AG Adam Grant , LinkedIn

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