You’re feedback makes a difference!

You’re currently accessing the beta version of Trickle, which means that we are still developing and testing features.

It is you and your feedback that is crucial at the moment to make Trickle that system that helps you learn. So please step up and provide us with your feedback.

Send us anything that you think is relevant. Found a typo — let us know! Got stuck and don’t know what to do next — tell us, please. You have a great idea that would make Trickle even better — send it our way!

You can provide feedback on any page by clicking on the little grey tab on the bottom right of your browser window. It is very subtle and looks like this:

If you click on it it opens a feedback pane that looks like this:

Just type in your message and click Send. The message is anonymous so please add your name if you want to be recognized.

Our feedback process is powered by Hotjar, a helpful tool for software development that lets us gather feedback and see what users were doing when they ran into trouble. Don’t worry, your feedback is anonymous and we only use it to improve Trickle. You should be aware that Hotjar does provide us with some analytics and metadata about users (e.g. the country they are in). This could enable us to link feedback and usage behavior to a specific user. We have no intention of attempting this and will take every reasonable step to protect your privacy.

Hotjar might be blocked by ad blockers, so if you can’t find it or have any concerns, just go old fashioned and send us an email at:

Thank you for your help!