Capture it in Trickle like this

Rule #1 for capturing knowledge: Do it now! When you discover an insight, capture it in Trickle before it’s too late

Anything with a link can be added as a source to Trickle.

Here are ways for adding sources in Trickle. We’ll add more detailed descriptions for each one of them in the upcoming days.

  • Click the Trickle it! button in your browser, when you come across a page that you want to save in your web browser
  • Run the Trickle it! iOS Shortcut from any app sharing sheet on your iPhone or iPad
  • Drag and drop single links or text with multiple links into the browser window
  • Copy and Paste single links or text with multiple links right into the Trickle website (desktop) or into the Trickle search bar (mobile)
  • Use the add button next to the search in your Trickle account.
  • Connect to Pocket and import selected articles from your archive
  • Connect to YouTube and import videos from playlist or your liked videos
  • Scan an RSS feed and select the link you want to remember
  • Scan a website for links right from within Trickle

It can depend on circumstances which of the ways mentioned above you prefer. To get started we recommend adding the Trickle it! button to your browser and also get familiar with copy-pasting links.

Once you have captured it in Trickle, you should consider connecting it with the rest of your knowledge.