Don’t forget that insight! Capture it in Trickle!

Each time you discover an insight you have a choice: do you capture it or do you lose it? If you’re trying to remember it without any tools you open up this decision to chance.

The process of remembering is the subject of many scientific studies and one of the most important take-aways is this:

📉 The moment you have an insight, your brain starts the process of forgetting it. Only when you recall it after a period of time, it will be preserved in memory. But if you pass a certain threshold without thinking about it, it’s forgotten.

The good news is this: if you recall something within a certain time frame, it will not only preserve your memory but strengthen it. (In case you want to learn more about this process, see here). That’s why it is so vital to store important knowledge somewhere, where you encounter it again.

Trickle is specifically built for this use case!

Capture knowledge in Trickle and we’ll help you stop losing it. Connect it with your existing knowledge and we’ll help you to encounter it again. One of the ways we call re:minder and it is a process that surfaces content you added to Trickle in the past.

Here’s how to get started to stop losing your insights with Trickle!