Getting started with your new Trickle account

Start by adding sources to Trickle that you find valuable. Anything with a link can be a source in Trickle: articles, videos, tweets, podcasts, newsletters, books, you name it. If you add a source to Trickle, we will help you remember it in the future.

Here’s how to add a source:

💡 Get hold of the link (aka “sharing link” or “URL”) and paste it into the search field that you see in your Trickle account

There are many ways to capture content in Trickle.

Probably the most convenient way is to add the Trickle it! Button to your browser. It serves two purposes:

  1. reminding you of the option to add valuable content to Trickle, as it typically takes a few weeks to build up the habit
  2. serving as a one-click action to add whatever you currently see on the screen to your Trickle account.

Copy-pasting in the search bar and drag and drop are two other popular ways to add sources that work out of the box.

You can also scan full text for links. Just paste text from a website, article, or document, and Trickle will scan it and present you with all links found in the text. Then hit the connect button on the ones you want to keep.