A powerful select mode

Trickle has a powerful select feature, that goes further than many selection modes you know from your operating system or other tools. Selecting something in Trickle can be used as a...

  • digital hand to virtually pick up items in Trickle that you want to modify, move or share in a different context
  • digital shelf where you create small temporary collections of your knowledge
  • shopping basket for knowledge where you add items to while browsing through your Trickle
  • shared clipboard for links between your smartphone, desktop or any other device where you access Trickle. Once you select something in Trickle, it will appear also in other places where you are logged in with your account.
  • short term memory to remember items that you want to act upon in the next couple of minutes. For example to connect them somewhere else, compare them to other items, rank them, etc.

A unique feature of a Trickle selection is that it is persistent. So you can browse from one connection page to the next in Trickle without resetting or losing your selection. Here Trickle works very differently from other tools where your selection is typically reset as soon as you click somewhere else or leave the current page.

Start selecting by clicking a thumbnail or the top left area of a card. A light blue selection bar appears at the bottom of the screen. The bar shows the thumbnails of the items you selected last.

Here are a few basics you should know:

  • To select an item click its thumbnail or the top left area of its card
  • Continue to browse through your connection and add to your selection
  • Click on a thumbnail in the select bar to go back to this particular item
  • Click the thumbnail with the counter to see, connect or modify your current selection
  • Click the Action button to see other things to do with your selection
  • To clear your selection and exit select mode click the X on the right side of the select bar