Add a Trickle Bookmarklet to any browser

A single button always visible in your browser or sharing sheet is one of the most effective ways to capture knowledge from the web to Trickle.

Bookmarklets are supported by almost all web browsers on almost all devices and hence a great way to add a Trickle it! Button no matter your setup. They work like normal bookmarks but instead of a web link, they contain a small JavaScript code that can give additional instructions to your browser.

When you press the Trickle bookmarklet it tells the browser to forward the current page - only the one you are currently looking at - to the Trickle website. This way it can be added to your account with a single click.

Ideally, you drag and drop the Trickle bookmarklet at the top left-most position of your browser bar. That way it serves also as a reminder for you until you built up the habit of saving your knowledge with Trickle.

If you don’t use the browser bar already, you can enable it on all modern browsers via the keyboard shortcut Shift + CTRL + B on Windows or Shift + Command + B on macOS.

You can run the bookmarklet also from your normal browser bookmarks library. This works also on a smartphone no matter which browser on both Android and iOS.

On iPhone and iPad you should consider installing the iOS Shortcut so that you can add links to Trickle from any app via the built-in sharing sheet.