Trickle it! Button

The key to using Trickle successfully is to capture the knowledge you come across on the web before you forget it! A single button always visible in your browser or sharing sheet is among the most effective ways to do that.

🧠 The Trickle it! Button is an easy way to remember

As there are plenty of browsers, operating systems, and devices out there, supporting an ideal method for each one of them is a challenge. It includes developing browser extensions, desktop apps, and dedicated smartphone apps. We’re on it and will add updates to this page going forward.

Here’s what is available so far:

  • Bookmarklet (👈 recommended) - a link that can be run from the bookmarks of any browser and is ideally placed on the bookmarks bar
  • iOS Shortcut - a script that can be run from any app on iPhone and iPad via its sharing sheet

This is what comes next:

  • Chrome extension - a plugin-in for all browsers that run on the Chromium browser engine (Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.)
  • Android & iOS app - a native app for Android and iOS that shows up on the sharing sheet of any other app on your smartphone

Having a dedicated button available and putting it in the way so that you see it regularly is a great way to build up the habit of capturing knowledge in Trickle.