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Why use Trickle?

Effortless learning

With Trickle learning becomes a habit that fits into any schedule. New ideas come in tiny drips that you can easily complete in just 5-10 minutes. Use Trickle on your commute or whenever you have downtime.

Inspiring content

We introduce you to the leading experts on any topic and curate the most inspiring content such as videos, podcasts, books, and articles. Through the contributions of our community, the learning material is always evolving and improving.

Engaging and fun

Trickle is designed to make learning fun and engaging, rewarding progress in a playful way. You chose your own learning path and work at your own pace, focussing on the topics that interest you most.

How Trickle works?

Set your course

With a wide variety of topics to choose from, you can follow your curiosity. Explore freely and create your own learning journey.

Stream knowledge

Dive in and immerse yourself in a topic for just a few minutes a day. Let the best content come to you. One insight at a time you can learn anything.

Dive deeper

A drip provides a short explanation of an idea. Dive deeper and learn from leading experts with curated links to the best content from around the web.

Make learning a habit

Start a streak by coming back to learn for just a few minutes every day. You’ll be amazed how a steady trickle builds up to a large pool of knowledge over time.

Highlights from our course catalog

There are many topics to choose from. Choose your starting point and then follow your curiosity, we let you explore freely. You never have to commit to a course.

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How Trickle Works

Trickle is your app for lifelong learning. It will help you to develop a daily learning habit. This stream will walk you through its features step-by-step so you can get the most from Trickle. The first chapter provides a high-level overview of the most important features. The rest of the stream provides background information on Trickle and detail about each specific features. It can be used as a reference if ever you get stuck when using Trickle or need information on how to do something.

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